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Tools for farmers on the Internet

Cattle records and traceability are one of the farming industry’s big challenges and several websites have been launched to help farmers simplify their record-keeping without having to invest in complex software. is a website that is a complete record keeping system for cattle farmers. Farmers can keep their Movement Book and Herd Register up-to-date, monitor their Stocking density and beef premium claims without having to buy and install a software package on their computer. It costs £10 per month for access, support and updates after a one month free trial period.

The BCMS have now launched a website ( where farmers can apply for passports online, submit movement details and access data about the cattle on their farm. They can also save a list of the cattle currently on their farm which can be loaded straight into CattleController when they set up a new account which saves a lot of typing. Access to the BCMS website is free.

All this is possible because we can now access remote computers from our own homes cheaply and without any complex software to install and learn to use – we can do it all through the web-browser on our home computer. Some of these websites are designed to be tools rather than magazines or shops.

The Management section of Farmers Weekly Interactive lists several other online tools available to farmers.


4 June 2001



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