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You keep your records
   - we run the computer.

CattleController runs on SQL-Server, the same high performance database engine that runs many of the biggest websites in the world.

The server and the systems running on it are far more powerful and reliable than standard desktop computers with many failsafe features and your records are backed-up frequently every day with a daily backup stored off-site in case of fire.

Because CattleController runs on just one computer, rather than 1000s around the country, all system upgrades and updates are made centrally without you having to do anything. With all the changes at MAFF, that just has to be a winner!

What all this means to you is:

  • the service will be reliable
  • your computer isn't a vital link. If it breaks down or is stolen, all your records are safe.
  • you don't have to remember to keep regular backups
  • you'll never need to upgrade your software

Have a look at the sections below to see just how CattleController leaves you keep records while we run the computer.

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