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If you've run into a problem with CattleController, please do let us know. Because CattleController is maintained and upgraded automatically, any fixes or additions that need to be made can be done by our programmers without any inconvenience to you. So that extra report that you wish was there, can be.

Use the space below to ask any questions you have, if you don't want to call, and we promise to reply within 24 hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

It may be that the answer to your question is already in out FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). If that's the case, you could be back on your way in minutes whatever time of day it is. You can reach our FAQ page by clicking here.

Contact us.

If you want to contact us directly:
 Address:Sheldon Grange
EX14 4RW
 Phone:01823 681328
 Fax:01823 681329



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