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The CattleController Offer

If you haven't already seen what CattleController offers to do for you, then do take a look at its complete record keeping features, its effortless system of electronically submitting movements and passport applications to the BCMS, its helpful Age Alert system that reminds you when your cattle reach critical ages and of course revolutionary access from the stock yard through your own mobile phone.

That's a lot of features, all presented to you as a fully managed software package that you simply use - no installation, no backing up, no problems.

The cost is just 10 + vat per month.

Don't send any money yet, set up your account and use if for a whole month first. If you want to carry on, then return a standing order form. Otherwise, we'll simply close your account for you.

No obligations, no minimum subscription term.


Feature List

  • Herd register
  • Movement book
  • Medicine book
  • Stocking density reports
  • Extensification declaration
  • Herd Snapshot report
  • Premium claim management
  • Time stock held on farm
  • Retention periods
  • Medical withdrawal periods
  • Stock ages calculated automatically
  • Links to BCMS for sending movement details and passport applications electronically
  • Secure server ensures privacy
  • Age Alerts emailed automatically to you
  • Access to full stock records out in the yard from your mobile phone
  • Internet TV ready no computer needed
  • Automatic multiple daily backups at central server
  • Automatic upgrades and updates

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